Living in camper units

Our campers are arranged into boys and girls units based on their grade and age. Units are made up of 8 to 14 campers and are each supervised by three counselors, and each camper is paired with a tent mate. Though many friends will share a unit together, we see campers come away with a much more inclusive experience when they are paired in a tent with someone new! Our tents are composed of a 8'x 8' wooden platform with a canvas tent covering and two 2.5" inch mattresses that lay flat on the platform. Tents are four sided and have front flaps which can open entirely to allow for plenty of ventilation during the warm summer days. Each unit is provided their own sink, blue box (pit toilets), shower, fire circle, picnic table, food prep table, and cooking supplies. Though we have the majority of our meals on our dining patio, each unit will cook a breakfast and dinner over their campfire once a week. Every unit is provided comfortable space and well maintained camping amenities, but we do want to make it clear that the camper experience at Plantation is very much an outdoor experience!