Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Farm Camp staff. Our online staff application will be available December 1st. You can expect to hear back from us within two weeks of submitting an application.


Positions are available for experienced, responsible and enthusiastic young leaders who would be interested in devoting their summer to working with children in a positive, outdoor environment. Below are descriptions of the positions we have at camp. Depending on the hiring process, these positions may or may not be open. The titles below are the “positions” that you will need to choose when you complete the online application.


New Counselor

If you have never worked at Farm Camp before, this is for you! Unit counselors are responsible for the care and supervision of the campers in all aspects of the program. Depending on the period of the day, they lead their unit group, lead activity or chore groups, supervise general areas of camp, or execute special parts of the program. They build positive relationships with campers and serve as role models and authority figures.

Returning Counselor

If you have worked at Farm Camp before, this is for you! Returning Counselors have the same job description as new counselors, but also serve as mentors to first time staff, and have the opportunity to apply for more responsibility by adding a Coordinator role to their job description.

Head Counselor

(Must be a returning counselor) The Head Counselors are the primary support system for unit counselors, and are responsible for providing supervision, guidance, structure, and support as needed. They are the primary contact for counselors concerning issues with campers/unit, coworker dynamics, or personal needs. They generally oversee their respective sides of camp, and ensure that counselors are able to excel at their jobs. Head counselors communicate with Directors regarding issues with counselors and campers.


Coordinator responsibilities are in addition to unit counselor duties and are most often filled by returning counselors. Outside of their major role, Coordinators spend the rest of their time doing the same tasks as unit counselors. Please read the descriptions below for more information on each specific Coordinator position.

-Horseback - Work with horse trainer to structure horseback activities, lead horse chore, and work with ranch staff to feed, care for, and move horses.
-Operations - Make runs into town to pick up supplies, doctors visits, and coordinate and be a part of bus pick up and drop off days.
-Media - Taking photos and updating camp social media pages with current photos and information.
-Aquatics - Oversee lake and pool activities and supervise lifeguards.
-Arts & Crafts - Organize materials for each activity and keep a consistent inventory of supplies. Lead art activities when available.
-Drama & Evening Program - Help campers structure weekly drama and plan evening programs.
-Challenge Success - Work with Stanford grad student to implement and collect activity observations, camper surveys, and counselor observations.
-Garden - Lead garden chore and coordinate with kitchen the daily harvesting of produce.

All counselors are responsible for being CPR and First Aid certified before they arrive at camp. Skills such as lifeguarding, horseback riding, guitar playing, arts & crafts, performing arts, and agricultural, are particularly desirable and preference is given to applicants that are available to work the entire summer.

We hire about 30% of our staff through international placement agencies, bringing in qualified instructors and counselors from all over Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. The atmosphere created by hiring staff from around the world is unique. The practical skills as well as the cultural education the international staff provides is a wonderful addition to the overall camp experience.