Local History

The Kashia band of the Pomo Indians, a tribe that lived in the Northern California region, called Plantation “A Place in the Sun.” For thousands of years, it was a peaceful place to meet and come together to celebrate the natural world. In decades gone by, a hotel and stage coach stop named Plantation House served as the timber and sheep operations of the Sonoma Coast meadows and redwood canyons. While the hotel no longer stands, many of these historic original buildings still remain and provide a timeless aura to the site that is now Plantation Farm Camp, continuing to draw people to gather, relax, have fun, and enjoy this place in the sun.

Along the coast near camp is Fort Ross State Historic Park. In 1812 the Russians established a permanent base at Fort Ross , which was the main source of the fur animal they sought: the sea otter. This fort was the southernmost settlement of the Russians in North America. Every summer,during Living History Day, life is reenacted in the 18th century and is a popular field trip for campers.