Plantation Farm Camp is now operated by Scott and Don Whipple, owners of Mountain Camp and Mountain Camp Woodside – www.mountaincamp.com. Plantation Farm Camp supports integrity, empowerment, courage, teamwork, happiness, enthusiasm, service and sustainability, with the goal of allowing as many children as possible to enjoy the camp experience.

Suzanne and David Brown

David and Suzanne Brown met at Plantation Farm Camp when they were 8 years old. After many years as campers under founders Abe and Eve Crittenden, they returned as counselors. In 1971, they celebrated their wedding at the far side of the First Lake after being engaged for 11 days! David graduated from Pomona College and received a Phd in Animal Science from Washington State University. Suzanne graduated from U.C. Berkeley with her Secondary Teaching Credential. After living in Mount Baldy, Washington state and Colorado, they returned to Plantation in 1984 and settled in to raise their son Evan and twin daughters Emily and Elizabeth. In 1985 they welcomed their first of batch campers. They strove to continue Abe and Eve's original philosophy of a diverse community, living, learning and working together in a farm based environment. After 19 successful seasons, they retired as camp directors and began spending summers exploring in the Northwest and Alaska; traveling, boating, fishing, snorkeling and diving with friends and family. They continue to make Plantation their home in the offseason. David enjoys running the ranch, Suzanne's love of local history has come together in the extensive restoration of Druid's Hall, and they are looking forward to many more years as stewards of Plantation Ranch.


Scott Whipple

Scott has been friends with Suzanne and David Brown for many years and is excited to now be involved with Plantation Farm Camp. Scott is a graduate of Baylor University and has served as the Western Association of Independent Camps Vice-President and President of the Northern California Section. Additionally, he is an American Camping Association accredited Camp Director. During his free time, Scott enjoys time with his wife and two children, in a variety of activities including basketball, hiking, paddle boarding, and biking. Scott is committed to continuing the philosophy and values of Plantation Farm Camp.


Don Whipple

Don is very excited to be a part of the Plantation Farm family and looks forward to helping continue the wonderful traditions established over the past 61 years. Don has been in camping since 1993 and he currently oversees all year-round operations for both Mountain Camp and Mountain Camp Woodside. He is a proud graduate of UCLA and formerly directed Bruin Woods, the UCLA Alumni Family Camp on Lake Arrowhead. Don is currently serving both locally and nationally on boards for the American Camp Association and is the President of the Western Association of Independent Camps. When he's not working on camp, Don enjoys spending his free time biking, hiking, skiing and exploring the beautiful Bay Area with his trusty dog Bo.


Chris Corrigan

Chris Corrigan is happy to return to Plantation Farm Camp this summer. An educator in the Bay Area for over twenty years, Chris has worked in the classroom as teacher, coach,outdoor education facilitator, and international trip coordinator. He and his family have a special connection to Plantationcamp, ranch, and community. Since working as a counselor at Plantation for several years in the 90s, he has remained close with the Browns and the Plantation family. Throughout the year, Chris and his family can often be found at camp doing chores and assisting the ranch managers. Chris sums up his connection to the camp this way, "There are few places that feel more like home to me than Plantation. The camp and its mission are very much in line with my own philosophy. So much of what I do as a teacher and a parent is filtered through the lens of Plantation Farm Camp."


Alex Yost

Alex Yost couldn't be more excited to be a part of the Plantation family. As a Detroit, Michigan native and a graduate of West Virginia University, Alex has a degree in Recreation from the Davis College of Agriculture. He found his way into the camp community in 2008, working as a counselor at a residential camp in New York. Craving westward expansion upon graduation, Alex packed up a car with two friends and made the cross country trip to Mountain Camp in the Sierra Mountains where he would spend the next four summers. He travelled extensively during the off seasons working a variety of jobs in different states. In 2012, Alex set out for a tropical winter and spring in Hawaii and worked as a volunteer farm hand on four different islands. Alex resides in Oakland, CA and spends his free time enjoying music, exploring the Bay Area, camping, and staying active playing soccer, basketball, and surfing. Alex is looking forward to helping grow the good-natured sense of community that is Plantation Farm Camp, and he can't wait for summer!


Janice Alamillo

Janice has been a camp nurse for Mountain Camp for 6 years and is a parent of three children who look forward to camp every summer. Janice was raised on a ranch in Moraga, CA, caring for a variety of large and small animals and maintaining her family's garden. She has a working farm on her home property, complete with chickens, composting, fruit trees and vegetable beds. Janice enjoys mountain biking, horseback riding, skiing and hiking and is inspired by teaching children the principles of farm life. She is thrilled to be a part of the Plantation Farm Camp family!


Ken Swindt

Ken started working at Plantation in the late 1980's doing simple repairs about the Ranch. In 2008, Ken retired from the Santa Rosa Fire Dept. after 32 years and has since been working on the farm and takes pride in his role at Plantation: construction, preservation, and facility maintenance. Ken leads the wood shop activities for Plantation Farm Camp and assists with farm day projects and enjoys working at a place that has a long history and teaches people about the outdoors and farming.


Nell Western

Nell first came to Plantation at age 9 when Dave and Ginny Crittenden were directing camp. Her siblings had been campers under Abe and EveCrittenden. Nell has worked at Plantation Farm Camp as a counselor, program coordinator and camp office manager for many years. Nell is a graduate of UCLA and currently lives in Petaluma with her husband and two children, who are both past campers. Nell's favorite things are cooking, gardening, hiking, the beach, all things horse, family and friends.


Jennifer Smallwood

Jennifer's Plantation history spans 3 sets of Directors! She has been a camper, a counselor-in-training and a counselor at Plantation. During the summer, Jennifer is the Ranch Manager and supports the animal and garden portions of the camp program. In the off season, she coordinates projects on the farm and is responsible for the health of the animals. Jennifer has two kids that are both past campers and is the president of the Fort Ross School Board and a member of the Timber Cove Volunteer Fire Protection District.

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